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Thanks, Grendel!  I kopped 2 for that price.
Thanks!  I got 2 as well.
JUST LISTED!     ASCOT CHANG black white check french cuff 16x31 THOMAS MASON Dress Shirt NR EUC                 FUN! BROWN GRAY PATCHWORK TWEED NEWSBOY FLAT CABBIE CAP 7 1/4 L SCOTLAND REDFORD              
Another one?    
Ending tomorrow evening!
If that's a 40 . . .
Tagged 38 - Available     Retina Burning Brioni x2 - Available             Not Available
  But seriously, I'll take them off your hands for that price!  Also, that Zegna's definitely a pass, especially at $30.
Your assent was all it took for me to cave!  A big THANKS to you, Grendel!             [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]        
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