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Would fit right in with his Chipp!
Thanks, Nat!
The prices still aren't great, and they rarely hang around long enough to make any discount.  They were both $40, but so are the PRL ties.  Pricing on all of the other RL line stuff is insane, even with red tags.
It was 1/2 price day, so I couldn't resist braving the crowds today!  Everything AVAILABLE, unless otherwise noted.       [[SPOILER]]     I just thought this was cool, but, unfortunately, it's just a little too small for me.  AVAILABLE FOR COST + SHIPPING     [[SPOILER]]           [[SPOILER]]   The next 2 pieces are firsts for me.  Both still had TJ Maxx tags on them.  QUESTION: Should one call these NWT?  I'm not so sure.       [[SPOILER]]    
Today's POWER WORDS are:  vintage trad mother of pearl cashmere   The first store had a nice haul of vintage stuff (mostly BB) from a single donor.   First up, some ties for me. 2x wool knit, silk knit     4x BB & RT Madder   BB cotton (blend?) 40L w/ MOP buttons - AVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]   This is the A&F I'm looking for: Cotton (blend?) 40L w/ MOP buttons - AVAILABLE     BB seersucker, 40L w/ MOP buttons - AVAILABLE     [[SPOILER]]   House brand olive...
Thrifted my way down the state of Illinois on my way to my parents' house for Christmas, but only came up with these.  Both AVAILABLE.     I don't know much about KROON, other than I've seen them at Marshall's and STP.  I realize it's not great quality, but it's a cool piece: Poly black rain blazer w/ working cuffs, side vents, detachable throat latch, corduroy trimmings, plaid lining, zippered ticket pocket, iPod pocket, etc.  Tagged 44.       [[SPOILER]]   Joseph A...
Thanks, Grendel!  I kopped 2 for that price.
Thanks!  I got 2 as well.
JUST LISTED!     ASCOT CHANG black white check french cuff 16x31 THOMAS MASON Dress Shirt NR EUC                 FUN! BROWN GRAY PATCHWORK TWEED NEWSBOY FLAT CABBIE CAP 7 1/4 L SCOTLAND REDFORD              
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