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Thanks, Nat!  My Google-fu wasn't working on the jeans.
46R - Available   Available   This one's a fixer-upper.  Missing 2 toggles and a couple of buttons on the cuffs.  I bought it for myself, but it's a little big.  Available @ cost + shipping.   Can anyone (SW&D dudes?) give me any more info on these?  I know where they're sold, but had never heard of them. Not Available.       [[SPOILER]]   Some shirts for me.     Madras!  Goes to figure on one of the bone-chillingest days so far! Not Available.  
Certainly living up to your name!   Jacket looks great, though I'd listen to Chet on switching the shirt & tie. Here's mine.       [[SPOILER]]       I'd forgot that I'd taken them to get opinions on the jacket.  What do you guys think?
Some stuff for me.  My first Charvet in a while and a PRL wool harrington.         The rest is AVAILABLE.   48L - Don't think that applies to any of you.     Tagged L, but measures like a 44L
JUST LISTED!!!      NOS NEW WILLIS & GEIGER Blue Cotton Safari Casual Shirt L Hemmingway Made in USA Expedited shipping available   Returns: Accepted within 14 days     Quick Look Buy It Now $199.99 Free shipping Time left:Time...
Not sure if these belong here, so feel free to delete, Spoo.   Four pieces from the mid to late 70's, I believe.  Someone feel free to correct me.  Three S/S jackets with MOP buttons & one cashmere - all from the same person.         [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]         [[SPOILER]]
Would fit right in with his Chipp!
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