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Went to a couple of stores today.  Not Pictured: NWOT LE barn coat, Donegal tweed cap, and ancient madder tie.   BB Tweed 42R   Black BB Brooksstorm overcoat w/ LP Storm System 42R (Some slight wear on the collar.)     [[SPOILER]]     Also saw these ties at TJ Maxx.  According from the tags, they're from Dec 2012.  Anyone know which line these fall under?  I'd guess BBBF since they were skinny ties, but I've never seen this particular label.    
Congrats on all of the big life changes - Eazy, Capn, & 330!   Also, congrats on all of the awesome finds over the past week, guys!   I told myself I would abstain from thrifting this weekend in order to get some work done.  I caved . . .   Executive Imperials Shell PTBs - N/A   RT MII Ancient Madder   I bought these for myself, but they're a bit tight, so AVAILABLE.   Anyone want a denim tux shirt? 15 x 34.  AVAILABLE   BB Hudson...
JUST LISTED!!!      NWT Vineyard Vines Light Blue Kieve Wavus Maine Camp Tie NR Expedited shipping available   Returns: Accepted within 14 days     Quick Look          EDWARD GREEN Black Cap Toe Oxford Shoes Northhampton England UK 8.5 9...
Thanks, Nat!  My Google-fu wasn't working on the jeans.
46R - Available   Available   This one's a fixer-upper.  Missing 2 toggles and a couple of buttons on the cuffs.  I bought it for myself, but it's a little big.  Available @ cost + shipping.   Can anyone (SW&D dudes?) give me any more info on these?  I know where they're sold, but had never heard of them. Not Available.       [[SPOILER]]   Some shirts for me.     Madras!  Goes to figure on one of the bone-chillingest days so far! Not Available.  
Certainly living up to your name!   Jacket looks great, though I'd listen to Chet on switching the shirt & tie. Here's mine.       [[SPOILER]]       I'd forgot that I'd taken them to get opinions on the jacket.  What do you guys think?
Some stuff for me.  My first Charvet in a while and a PRL wool harrington.         The rest is AVAILABLE.   48L - Don't think that applies to any of you.     Tagged L, but measures like a 44L
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