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Recently received the Filson Medium Heavy Tin Duffel Bag in moss as a gift. Whenever I handle the bag, my hands come away feeling very oily. As a result and because the bag is unlined, I am concerned that the oil of the bag will transfer to any clothing packed in the bag. For anyone with experience with the heavy tin, has this been an issue?
Had local cobbler put topy on my 1000 Mile boots. Lasted over two years. Just had new ones put on this week. As it appears that a ton of skill isn't necessary to get the job done, going to guess it's the glue.
9D irregular list as bad as the 9.5D. 8 pairs total. No shell.
Now I've seen it all. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Alden-Plain-Toe-Flex-Boots-Cognac-8-5E-NIB-/261452195551?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item3cdfc3e6df
Thanks to all who responded to my belt inquiry. Good info.
Was concerned about the same thing. Anyone have success doing this?
As it seems that acquiring an Alden color #8 shell belt may be more unlikely than getting a color #4 tanker, can any of you gentlemen offer an opinion on the BB color #8 shell belt vs. the AE? Quality? Closer match to the Alden color #8?
For those looking for a deal, there are members of the forum who have access to RL employee discount and will sell Marlow's at a small profit over their cost. I acquired a pair this way last October for $550.
Just scored a practically new pair of Shoemart tobacco chamois Indy's from ebay. Of course, knowing this group, the lack of bidding action got me wondering if I really scored. In any event, first foray into Indy's and really digging the look and when they say "heavily oiled," they ain't kidding. Any tips on maintenance? Some here mentioned Montana Pitch Blend. Anyone have luck with that? Also, with the oil, do I need a dedicated brush?
New Posts  All Forums: