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Otc, you should just try joining neogaf, the community is really good on the d3 thread.
Fire chains arcane teleporting mob.... Im a monk, shits so unfair. Was even spamming MoH with BoP just couldn't generate enough spirit to keep it up.
A feature I wish they would change is being able to withdraw your auctions after the initial 5 minutes, I hate having crap I just throw up there, not being able to sell decent stuff when it comes around.
  Someone found a windforce, get that 
Knocked out 310/4x9 today, it's getting pretty tough    Not looking forward to 375/10x3 at all...
Guise WTF crossfit games is on ESPN  (visible smugness)   PS. the girls are hot.
Blue ones you can buy from @ $34 per sleeve and they are made from 7mm neoprene instead of 5mm neoprene grey ones.
  Got these in M hope they're not too tight.
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