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Is this only happening to people who play public games?    Bc I just play either solo or with some friends.
Lukekul#1697 U.S.
  Don't worry there were baalbots for that, chars that ran hell baal all day and night with 7 leechers that just sat there so max exp for everyone.   Fun fact 98->99 was 4000 hell baal runs w/ 7 chars
D3 dueling will never become as bad as endgame D2 dueling. Period.    Every hammerdin running gmod,aa,chicken,and auto tp. People would even do flashmods making your screen black.. Oh yeah don't forget the teaming up 4vs1 that was fun too.   It was truly terrible.
  I remember someone from Blizz saying that even their most hardcore testers couldn't even beat inferno and then they doubled the difficulty. Inferno isn't even possible for melee chars right now, and casters just kite and get 1 shotted if they mess up.    I'm in act 2 inferno with a monk and I just don't see me going anywhere for a looooong time. I guess they want me to farm act 1 until I can buy a 1000 dps weapon.
  Peanut butter of the gods.
None of the classes will end up as they are now probably, anyone remember corpse explosion necs from d2? Yeah, not so much anymore.
  You can place a boneweave hauberk on the ground and monsters can't get by    Edit: Might have been hotfixed already, someone posted it to the official forums...
  Before the nerf I was doing!YXU!YbZZYb   All spirit generation basically with you recasting MoH and Cyclone Strike repeatedely, BoP gave you 2 seconds of invincibility which could be recasted constantly bc you go from 0 spirit to full in like 1 second. BoH for emergencies.
Another day, another nerf...   Nuked Monks from orbit, making this game harder for melee chars is ridiculous, they already have a hard enough time.
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