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tfw you can tell high school is out for the summer..
New PR just now after finishing up smolov, did 450x1 no belt and no knee wraps. Almost got pinned but I managed somehow, was just saying heels,heels,heels inside my head and it worked. Seeing stars afterwards.    Added 40lbs to my squat, so overall I think Smolov was a fun experience for me since I love squatting. Only did through the base mesocycle.  Everyone should at least do it once. 
PVP is gonna be whoever wants spend the most money 
I've probably done every build in d2 and even did low level dueling and gm melee.
I had a beardin, bearzon, bearsin, wolf barb, and a bearsorc all pvp and geared very good. This is what endgame d2 was to me, just doing fun builds. I even made a desynching trangs nec.Edit: for the beardin you would use dual dreams and use holy shock synergies and conviction with a 4 fps weapon, I could kill just about anything without sorb. Instead of griz scepter you use a 6os pb with 4 shaels and 2 15/15's. Ok enough d2 talk...
Searching for things with min Dex of 120 and 2 sockets and instead getting 80 dex with two emeralds is very annoying to me..    Empty socket search parameters maybe Blizz?   Oh and ZK runs have been nerfed.
Started 3rd week base meso on Smolov yesterday,    New job too so have to lift after work, prime bro-time, I least I get my squat rack and just stay there forever.
Agreed inferno belial is a dick and so is Rakanoth with his telestomp autokill...
  For DH look for dex,ias,crit chance, and crit damage. Maybe some + discipline.
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