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Knee straps came in yesterday, decided to pr on squat and front squat. Got 505 bs and 365 fs, parallel, don't think I can go atg.
This is my PR song:
  Anybody see this happen?
3 McDoubles pwo for $3.18, yes plz.
Brought someone with me to the gym today, wow that totally threw me off. My timing was way off, I felt kind of rushed, and he couldn't even handle the volume I'm used to. So never again I guess, sorry, gainz before broz.
I started Sheiko on Monday, today was my 2nd day and so far I love it! I'm just gonna run it according to the template for now, maybe changing things along the way. The only downside is the time, expect it to take like 2 hours...
  Cal Strength uploaded a mini series on how to snatch and clean in case anybody wanted to see.
I know they're a lot of DMV guys here, you guys got power?
Since we're talking about trainers, another good one I heard, Josh Bryant.
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