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Charly, what total you going for at you're upcoming meet?
Eric Lilliebridge 903 squat attempt.   
Did they do deads yet, did I miss it?
Decided to try weightlifting shoes out, which should I get?   or  
Got those new UU sweatpants today. Pretty slim in the legs and tight around the butt, everywhere else is a good fit. I just can't put them in the drier or else they'll look like yoga pants.
One of the joys of lifting heavy is that no one really bothers you, at least in my experience.
Just returned 2 uniqlo slim fit oxfords in L because I couldnt even fit into them, the arms were way too tight. Haven't tried the regular ones yet.
Just signed up with John for 7 months, very excited.
  I'd say around 40 on back squat and like 30 front, haven't really tested maxes(without wraps) in a while though.
New Posts  All Forums: