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Yeah, I see what you're saying, like I said I couldn't really dig into it on any twisties. I agree on the 997 though.    
Don't know if it's been posted but:
South Willard has kick ass sandals btw. They're vibramed and have horween leather.       Ann D shirt
Posted these in the "Should I, Shouldn't I" thread, thoughts?  
 I currently have a 997 Carrera S and let me say this one defiantly a step up. It's actually a lot bigger then it looks in real life compared to pictures. The 3.8 sounds even better in this one and the PDK is so smooth, handles like a Porsche of course but, I really didn't get to tear into it like I wanted to though . Love the new dash/interior. This one was a show model so it had every extra coming to like $117,000, that's 997 turbo money . All that being said I would...
Camilla Luddington 
Yeah, it's like a 2000 I think with 300k miles, it's still going strong though. I think she's getting a new LX because it's basically the same thing just with Lexus touches.  
My mother drives a LC and I have to say those things are tanks. They're pretty spacious without feeling bloated. My only gripe with it is that it's kind of underpowered for how much it weighs.    
Test drove this today:  
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