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Any recs for wrist wraps?
Didn't someone recommend the outlier keirin cut awhile ago? Those seem perfect for me..
  I go to a big commercial gym, not looking forward to new years resolutioners. 
Here's a cool deadlift vid for you bros
Post nothing was a great album, a few songs could work.   Add me to the no music club though.
Had my adipower weightlifting shoes for a couple weeks now and they're awesome, love em. Oh yeah, pretty much do everything but squat in chucks too waddup.
Right in the feels 
Make sure to grip the bar very tight, almost try to crush it with your hands. Also, try to keep everything tense, basically to the point of being uncomfortable.
Love going early to the gym, finally hit squat pr 5 plate without knee wraps. Just belt and rehbands, feelsgoodman.
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