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Dat feel when chipotle is a 5 min drive from the gym. 
charly suggested these awhile ago:
Pretty cool article I stumbled on about % of weight compared to a main compound lift.
So I lifted with that same older powerlifting dude tonight. He wanted to rep out 225 on bench...he did 50 reps.   Wow, so not fair that this gym is like 40 minutes away. I'd be there in a heartbeat if not for the distance. Doesn't help that my current gym is like a 10 minute walk away either.   Mirin free coffee 
lol, eventually would like to get like 1325 total @181. Bench is my weak point with these long arms 
  This is very weird cause the guy I met just moved too. He just did bench though max raw was in the 500's. Guess he said he herniated a few discs and doesn't pull or squat anymore.  It's so awesome to have someone to talk about meets and competitions with though. 
Met an older powerlifting dude at the gym today. We talked for like 45 minutes and it turns out this guy is buds with Scott Mendelson. Told him I'm trying to compete and he said if I ever wanted to he could get Scott to give me some pointers.   Is this real life....
"John" is John Pinder aka exmgtoo on iron addicts.
Anyone else here face away from the mirror when they squat?
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