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Count me in for mass PayPal charge back.
@Joona How warm is the leather ma-1, like it doesn't have the padding of the wool one and people say the leather's a bit thinner. What would you wear it with in winter?
It's interesting that... I wonder how big a batch is, like you would think there'd be more than 15 jackets in a batch. How are batch's split, is it every jacket style or a more general all bombers are made by these guys. I hope when drew shows, he will clue us in to the day to day runnings. At this stage, I think we're entitled to know.
After 2 years waiting, they'll probably send me the jacket without the fuckin' pocket and I'll have to send it back... What jackets do you have and what are you waiting on?
Hmmm I see.... I'm definitely getting it either way, it would just be nice if it fit my phone. Looking through the gallery, there's only 3 people in there that have a leather ma-1 with that chest pocket, add that to the 7 waiting on the spreadsheet and when all is said and done there'll be only 10 people in the world with the exact same jacket as me. That's pretty fuckin' cool..
How do you mean? It doesn't have the gas mask chest pocket...
Actually the leather ma-1 but I assume the pockets the same size.
Hey brothers, can you fit a nexus 5 in the MA-1 chest pocket?
Anyone that owns an MA-1 with the chest pocket, will a nexus 5 fit in there?
Yeah I thought he would of shown by now but.. Nada...
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