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White tee's gotta be replaced so often though, $68 is way too expensive...
Drew, what's your recommendation for white tee's?
I'd probably take my chances with the boots being lost... I didn't say they were struggling, I'm just pointing out there is some benefit.   Anyway, it's probably not something they would want to announce on a forum anyway so if this is possible PM me, if not don't worry about it, I just thought I'd ask.
The benefit is they sell a pair of boots that would otherwise not be sold, lots of places do it...  like I'm paying $56 in shipping alone. In the end I have to pay over $200 more than someone who can just walk into the store.
Anyone that ordered internationally. Will the guys mark the package as some small value amount so we do not to get robbed on import duty and vat? I think i'm looking at another $150 on the price which I don't think I can live with.
I ordered the moto, I think the standard measurements are for a skinny guy, mine seem to be a touch larger than a standard 44 except for the sleeves which are shorter, which makes sense to me because my arms are a bit short. Your measurements might appear strange because your much more muscular than the standard sizes were drawn up for. I understand you want everything perfect, I literally tortured Charly with emails yesterday changing this measurement and that...
No doubt, I was surprised to even see you when I was trawling through old posts yesterday.. I guess my last name and saying "lads" gave it away did it..
It looks about right.. for frame of reference I'm 5ft 5.5" 126lbs   Shoulder - 15.5"   Chest - 35.4"   Waist - 29.1"   Hips - 31.5"   Front length - 20.1"   Sleeve length - 22"    Bicep - 11.8"   and Charly give me   shoulders 16.5 chest (p2p) 19.1 midsection 17.5 waist 17.8 body length, front 20.1 body...
You're probably right.. my girlfriend understood all the indecision considering the cost, but she taught I was nuts spending  580 euro on a jacket.
After all that indecision, I'm completely sure of everything I picked, not gonna change a thing now... and yeah he said about 5-6 months.
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