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Thanks, The FIH and the half windsor are what I have been using years, I thought I would try to switch it up to something a little different but I guess I'll be going back to them.
LOL amen to that brother
Just saved those photos to my desktop at work for future reference.  And I will definitely talk to my tailor about tapering the legs some.  There is usually only 1 break in all my pants, looking back at that photo it does appear to be breaking like crazy and bunch up but I can't seem to replicate that here in the office... dunno lol.  
  Thanks,  I dont know why the pants appear that way... they are about an inch to an inch and a half off the ground on the back side.   The sleeves definitely need some shortening and the bottom button never gets buttoned, lol, I swear even though it doesn't look like it.   And thanks for the tip about the brown shoes, I didnt know I could use them with grays.
The pants have been altered for length already so I'm not so sure your right about them being too long.  The sleeves, are absolutely too long, noticed that when I put it on this morning and they kept completely covering my sleeves. Are you sure about the shoulders? they run all the way to the end of the pad... and both buttons are DEFINITELY NOT buttoned lol. I know better than that.  Thanks for the input, its much appreciated.   BTW, The lens is a wide angle so that's...
Alright... hopefully today is a bit better... still prepared to get pwned lol  
I do in fact appreciate both yours and CD's comments greatly, exactly what I was hoping for.  Pocket squares and bright socks are something I think I will have to work up to but, hopefully, I will eventually be able to pull off.  So, with what you said about the knot, would you agree with my use of the double FIH or what do you think would work better? I also picked up two pairs of AE oxfords last night, the players in black and the clifton in a darker brown.  I figured...
LOL, It's funny you mention the shoes. I am actually in the process of purchasing some oxfords since all I own are drivers and loafers.  I appreciate your input as the reason for me posting is that I would really like to get my dress from eh to AH! Apart from the shoes... tie, shirt and suit selection? any critique?   As far as for how long I've been reading on here, you are probably right.... BUT... reading can only do so much good. I figured it was best to jump in...
Hey all,    So I've been reading the forum for about a week now and felt that it was about time that I participate.  I always thought of myself as a competent dresser, however, its always nice to get some external opinions since there's always something more to learn.  Anyways, here is what I am wearing today at work. Please let me know what you all think.  
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