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Tried Gucci Pour Homme II. From what I can smell I like it, but my skin drinks it up and I had to press my nose to my wrist to even get anything after half an hour. Too bad.  
Sycomore.   The weather's getting cooler. Time to sample more vetivers!   
Thinking of picking up a few things. Does anyone know if the sale drops any lower?   Thanks   
I use evernote, but not for wishlisting.    I've been using Svpply instead of Pinterest for that.   
Usps being the operative word. UPS fees 
toj flashmob 
Even the shirts match the cars.. 
Good luck. I'd suggest downloading everything as a backup in case he sees this and starts taking everything down.   Happened to a friend who started a case. 
  saw this and thought of bows
Oi. Thinking I'll need a proxy as well. 
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