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Does anyone know if the UU sweatpants or heavy flannel shirts still in stock in the US stores?   Was going to place a UK proxy order except they're both sold out.
Damn. Thanks for the heads up. Was about to pick up a pair but I'm out of luck if one has to size down 1. 
who does one email for weekly promos? (US/UK) 
  Thanks for the heads up. Purchased! Hope it fits. 
^    Testing CDG Wonderwood and CDG 2 today. 
OG Margiela Highs 42. Probably gone by now:
  How is the quality on the wedge derbies? Thinking of grabbing them 
Stuff looks really good. Going to pick up those wool drawstrings.
Hoping for a leather sleeved outerwear piece of some sort this season. Peacoat and varsity were great.  
going to grab a pair of the latter if they release it in black
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