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really great thread. 
Try luckyscent for samples. Shipped and delivered within the week.    http://AccessoriesForFragrances.com is great for vials, bottles, travel sprays, etc. Heinous looking site though, be warned. 
Thanks for the code. Now I'm contemplating on picking up a pair of derbies       
  Hopefully they release a leather sleeved peacoat again this year. Missed out.
try wonderwood or hinoki as well 
Does anyone know if the UU sweatpants or heavy flannel shirts still in stock in the US stores?   Was going to place a UK proxy order except they're both sold out.
Damn. Thanks for the heads up. Was about to pick up a pair but I'm out of luck if one has to size down 1. 
who does one email for weekly promos? (US/UK) 
  Thanks for the heads up. Purchased! Hope it fits. 
^    Testing CDG Wonderwood and CDG 2 today. 
New Posts  All Forums: