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I think I need to try Santouka again. Broth was meh and pork was tough & dry the first time. 
I purchased the creeper version recently. Couldn't be happier. 
  Markdowns at the Bloor location. Not sure about Eaton Center
I've been alternating between my new purchases lately: Encre Noire and Terres d'Hermes.    Really happy with both of them. Encre Noire will fill that smoky vetiver niche until I decide to pick up Sycomore.   I was really surprised to see Creed and L'Artisan amongst the regular turds at Winners today. Will have to go to back later.
Walked around outside in -8C with the ultra light down vest underneath my TOJ and I was so toasty. Highly recommended.   Layering on heattech shirts and their heattech scarf, and I can see it working quite well until it gets quite a bit colder.
drooling at that integrated cable management
I thought that was the MMM dipped canvas bag at first glance    The construction for yours is really cool http://www.designboom.com/design/saskia-diez-papier-bags/
Shipping for Canada at long last 
Waffled long enough. Finally popped up on B+S    
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