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who does one email for weekly promos? (US/UK) 
  Thanks for the heads up. Purchased! Hope it fits. 
^    Testing CDG Wonderwood and CDG 2 today. 
OG Margiela Highs 42. Probably gone by now:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/317643/og-margiela-his-white-42
  How is the quality on the wedge derbies? Thinking of grabbing them 
Stuff looks really good. Going to pick up those wool drawstrings.
Hoping for a leather sleeved outerwear piece of some sort this season. Peacoat and varsity were great.  
going to grab a pair of the latter if they release it in black
I've been kicking around in Mayfly Knits this past summer. Welcome change from the regular boots and derbies.        
Found this thread just in time. Ordered 24. Should be good for a while.   Thanks for the SF code   
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