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I was going to order a HM MA-1 as well, but the fit pics showed it fitting well in the shoulders, but cropped everywhere else. Unless they pop up in L so I can size up, I'm going to pass :/
Thanks for the heads up fishbones. Mellow has a great feed.
  Is the jacket Siki Im?
    Sense Appeal too  
Benjamin Moore is the bomb . After helping my friends paint their rooms in other brands, I nearly yelped in joy at how well BM paints.   I used the Aura line for a few rooms. No splatter, almost odourless, dries really quickly between coats, and like otc mentioned, it scrubs and cleans really well.   Went with "Stonington Gray" and "Coachman's Cape".    Matte for most rooms. Eggshell for the bathrooms.
Applied mink oil, waterproof colour cream, as well as black polish and now the Grey pair I just got today look like the black mainlines. Great deal at 70% off
Haha, Horny.   TF Japon Noir this evening
Think I'll have to look into a proxy. Prices were marked off at 70% off on Monday, and sizes are pretty much gone already.
Thought rosewater was me for a second. Is that a uniqlo heattech scarf as well? 
I tried it the week after their soft launch. I had the spicy miso broth with the ikura don combo. Broth, noodles, etc. were all very good. It was the pork that left me wanting more.   Maybe I'll try it again since everyone else seems to have nothing but positive comments. 
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