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Applied mink oil, waterproof colour cream, as well as black polish and now the Grey pair I just got today look like the black mainlines. Great deal at 70% off
Haha, Horny.   TF Japon Noir this evening
Think I'll have to look into a proxy. Prices were marked off at 70% off on Monday, and sizes are pretty much gone already.
Thought rosewater was me for a second. Is that a uniqlo heattech scarf as well? 
I tried it the week after their soft launch. I had the spicy miso broth with the ikura don combo. Broth, noodles, etc. were all very good. It was the pork that left me wanting more.   Maybe I'll try it again since everyone else seems to have nothing but positive comments. 
I think I need to try Santouka again. Broth was meh and pork was tough & dry the first time. 
I purchased the creeper version recently. Couldn't be happier. 
  Markdowns at the Bloor location. Not sure about Eaton Center
I've been alternating between my new purchases lately: Encre Noire and Terres d'Hermes.    Really happy with both of them. Encre Noire will fill that smoky vetiver niche until I decide to pick up Sycomore.   I was really surprised to see Creed and L'Artisan amongst the regular turds at Winners today. Will have to go to back later.
Walked around outside in -8C with the ultra light down vest underneath my TOJ and I was so toasty. Highly recommended.   Layering on heattech shirts and their heattech scarf, and I can see it working quite well until it gets quite a bit colder.
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