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Really wish I didn't have to sell these. Bought these from another member, but they're a size too small for me.   Looking to sell or trade for size 42's.   Mint condition. Comes with its dust bag.   Shipping not included (Toronto).
Feels like 40+ here everyday. Can't wait to wear the ma-1 and feel like a marshmallow when it cools down 
damn.... went to run an errand. That moon shirt 
I was thinking about those, too. Thoughts appreciated. 
Great job on the site! The only thing that would make it quicker to shop is if the sold out items could be moved to the back automatically. I'm not sure if it's done now, but before, they were mixed in with the available items.   Can't wait for more items to go on.
  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU    Just proxied a pair of 3.0 v5's to Canada.... 
Opinions would be great. I have the worst luck trying to find pants.
I have the exact same problem. Ended up going with M, which is flaring out at the waist aka I can grab on the nips of fabric on the side. Everything else fits loose, but slim in the right places. I'm hoping a hot cycle in the dryer will shrink it a bit and it will be perfect.   I found my S shirts needed three top buttons undone for it not to pull 
Can't wait until my ma-1 arrives. That looks fantastic. 
^ matrix beach clay looks good
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