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  FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUU    Just proxied a pair of 3.0 v5's to Canada.... 
Opinions would be great. I have the worst luck trying to find pants.
I have the exact same problem. Ended up going with M, which is flaring out at the waist aka I can grab on the nips of fabric on the side. Everything else fits loose, but slim in the right places. I'm hoping a hot cycle in the dryer will shrink it a bit and it will be perfect.   I found my S shirts needed three top buttons undone for it not to pull 
Can't wait until my ma-1 arrives. That looks fantastic. 
^ matrix beach clay looks good
Slim fit MIJ seem to be not coming back for a while, so I'll place my order later.   Just wondering if anyone who has both heattech and airism Ts could compare them quickly.    I have the heattech ones and love them. Looking for a summer option.
Just purchased a bag straight from Alex since the stockists were all sold out of the colour way I wanted. Really pleasurable to deal with. Can wait to get it next week.
Hoping these MIJ jeans come back in stock. The gray pair notwithit posted look great.
Here I was, poring over Y!JP and B&S for weeks trying to find the "perfect" MA-1. Went back to take a look at the wool suiting one and it finally hit me how beautiful it really is.   Email sent. 
details on the jacket? 
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