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Definitely has stores   http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/shop/
Charly must be swamped 
I would size up on the EFSF OBCD, too. Just got a blue one last week. Fit is too slim in the upper arms and chest for my liking. Have to unbutton top two for it to be comfortable.
  "Damn..."   That was the title of the email my friend sent me of the pics I requested from him of my 4-zip MDR. Needless to say, he was blown away. Judging from the small whiskers that have been starting to form, dude must have tried it on as well    He told me that touching the lamb felt like a flurry of indescribably soft puppy paws.    I can't wait to get home.   ----   It's a black lamb 4-zip MDR with gunmetal zips.   Click for...
My 4-zip MDR is out for delivery and should be arriving later today. I remember a few asking for pics of it that weren't PS mockups before ordering. I must be of the first ones to get theirs because I have yet to see any on this thread. I'll get my friend to take some shots for me and post em up since I'm out of town. That'll give you guys... 3 days to decide :o
                ... the Quattro MDRship is aloft!      I ordered on 4/2 for those wondering.
Don't spoiler tag that beauty. 
she's been playing us 
Which model of CP's are those melo?
    Here are some pics. It's probably my favourite ebay find. Deerskin, has a metal framework on the back for support, cushioned leather straps, and this neat metal/nylon bar contraption at the bottom that makes the bag feel weightless       [[SPOILER]]  
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