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Hi, for sale are two genuine Hermes scarf ties. I wish to sell them both as a lot, and I'm asking only $110 for both. Hermes scarf ties cost well over $100 on eBay.   The one in navy is in perfect condition and shape. The light blue one has a slight discolouration in the middle (see pictures). Both have been worn twice. The ties are 3.5" wide   I will ship anywhere. Shipping to the US will cost no more than $10, by way of Priority Mail (trackable and...
Uh, isn't the "E" width in the UK a "D" for US?
About to place an order. I'm having trouble deciding between these two fabrics:   Should I fork out the extra $20 for Alumo?
I can't wait for my pair to ship!
Such handsome looking shoes... I can't wait!
Would you say it turned out well?
I'd like to see some pictures of this, too. I'm contemplating on an order soon.
If someone wanted a shoe in the JL 7000 last, he should buy a shoe from JL on the 7000 last.   I'm happy with what Vass has and I think they should stick to what they're currently doing. The U last is a spectacular fit for me and I haven't been able to get the same fit from C&J or Meermin or EG.     I'm losing sleep over this museum calf thing...
Too tight.
  Most positively...
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