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Paying such a price and expecting EG or Lobb quality is stupid. If Lobb/EG quality is what you desire, buy Lobb/EG.
Count me in, though I'm a tiny 7/7.5...
Their dainite soles really don't look all that bad. I might just opt for them on the next pair of Vass I buy.
Yes, Olfe.
                            I hastily slipped them on to gauge the fit, and from that one time they seem to fit me quite similarly to a pair of Vass U last shoes. Snug, but not tight. I believe they'll break in very nicely.   Haven't scrutinised much but they look stellar, and I really couldn't ask for any more.   Now I just need a special occasion to wear them...     Huge shout out to...
Received my pair today. Got hit by duties (RM153, about $50) because Meermin declared the package with the full value of 260 euros.   Pictures to come later (high-res).
That's great, thanks for the photo. Do post more pictures when you are able to. I assume the collar is also constructed just like Mercer's (completely unlined) and not just made to look similar?
Can't post pictures when I haven't gotten them yet!
Not plastic bags. They look like straws, they're two pieces of long black plastic placed in the shoe, between the heel and some crumpled paper in the front of the shoe to keep its shape.
I heard my shoes were also just picked up by UPS, but I wasn't provided with a tracking number. I had requested that the black plastic things they place in the shoes be removed; as the last pair I had shipped in that manner had holes in the inside heel caused by them and for a lower value on the customs form, but Pepe said he couldn't accommodate those requests as UPS had picked up the shipment.   I expect them to arrive on Monday.
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