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Not liking the shoulders, nor the tight jacket.   But that's just a preference.
What are you expecting to get out of this? A new pair?
That Reid & Taylor. Fuck me.   If only I could wear tweed here. Fuck.
Viccel is 100% cotton though. I can't comment on how they wear yet since they haven't arrived.
I'll vote for an Adelaide a la G&G.
I don't think this MTO includes shoe trees. We paid a LM-price for an MTO order with special leather. I don't know about individual MTOs though (those that cost 260 + 100 euros).
Not from the RTW LM that I know of, no. MTO might.
I have a pair from their LM in the New Rey last and I don't really like it. It's a size UK7, half a size bigger from my other Meermins. It's not a good fit. It's too long. The last just doesn't work for me - UK6.5 would definitely be too tight (judging from how the Olfe in UK6.5 fits me), and although UK7 fits width-wise, it's too long.   I think the Ben last would be nice. I suggested this for the museum MTO but nobody else seemed to want it.
One suggestion: For the hatchgrain wholecut, how about five pairs of eyelets instead of six?
Paying such a price and expecting EG or Lobb quality is stupid. If Lobb/EG quality is what you desire, buy Lobb/EG.
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