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By the way, any word regarding the shoe trees?
  I'm sorry, what? I'm rather certain we all paid 280 euros, which is the price of a pair of shoes from their LM, despite this being a MTO AND despite using special leather.   Actually, the 280 euros figure was inclusive of shipping of 20 euros, which Meermin halved, so we actually paid even lesser than what what would have been a single pair of shoes from their LM.   Is anyone else getting sick of reading all these posts about "irregular creasing?" When will the whining...
Sure, it's #3338.
I can attest to that.   Also:     Unlined collars/cuffs. I really like how they look/feel. I specified a Mercer button-down collar. It doesn't quite resemble a Mercer collar (I think) when buttoned: the collar has to be longer (not the points) and the collar buttons have to be moved slightly closer to the middle to form a bell shape, but the roll is generous and looks way better than the previous button-down I ordered.   I don't think it's that easy to...
Does anyone have any experience with the Alumo White Poplin 2/120? I ordered a shirt in it and the fabric seems to be a twill weave, not a poplin. It doesn't feel like any Alumo I've handled too.   I'm guessing I might have gotten the "Lustrous Fine White" instead. I can always upload macro shots if it helps.   I have to say I'm generally happy with my latest order, though. They made and shipped my shirts amazingly quickly and my requests were attended to...
I agree. And purple calf? What are these, shoes for clowns?
  I actually find having to loosen up all the laces and use a shoe horn (not a must, but it helps) to slip my feet in. I get a nice, snug fit once I've managed to do so, however. With the other three pairs of Meermins I have (New Rey and Ama), I don't really need to use a shoe horn.   I don't experience any heel slippage with these museums.
Don't want a shoe to crease?   Don't wear it.   Seriously, some people...
I think I'll sit this one out -- don't like a plain toe nor broguing on the captoe.
Not liking the shoulders, nor the tight jacket.   But that's just a preference.
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