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1/2 size too small.
  Size 7...UK or US?!
And that's the crux of all the problems of people wearing tacky clothing these days. Everyone thinks they know the rules and dress well and can get away with breaking some of them for what they'll call "sprezz."  
Many thanks!
  No problem -- I missed that reply of yours, I thought it was meant for the new MTOs!
TS, any updates on the shoe trees of the first museum calf order?
What is the cotton/linen percentage?
Upon further consideration, I think I'll keep the lapel width but request a lower button stance. Seeing as how we likely won't have anymore fitting sessions for this suit, I don't know if the tailor is willing to do this. If he isn't, it's fine -- I'll simply change things on my future commissions.
Ah, if it's too late then it's fine, I won't get anything changed.
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