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Ah, a 1.75" neckband seems a bit tall. I'm opting for 1.5" instead with a 1.75" collar height.   I really like the fit. It's not model thin (which I don't fancy anyway), but not blousy. A very ideal middle-ground.
atoms, I think those shirts fit you nicely. They don't look nearly as tight as plenty of other shirts I've seen in this thread. Seems to be a very comfortable, relaxed fit that isn't blousy. I'd probably strive for a similar fit in my next order too.   A few questions: when you mentioned 1.75" height instead of their standard 2" height, are you referring to the collar height or neckband height? And I assume "front edge" of 3" means the collar points?   I have a...
Indeed. I no longer wear belts with dress trousers, and I'm only in my early-twenties. Braces are incredibly comfortable.
Very nice ensemble! What fabric is this, and what collar style?
I disagree with "drastically" slimming the sleeves. Slim them only slightly. They look fine and a very slight slimming down will present a nice compromise of looks and comfort. Armholes are fine. Any higher and they might become uncomfortable and "cut" into you when you hold your arms forward.
Appreciate the reply. This photo should illustrate what I mean:     3.75" collar points, 1.75" collar height and 1.5" neckband.   2" neckband? That sounds rather tall!   I think I'll get the same -- English spread, 3.5" collar points, no tie space. Definitely shorter neckband and collar height though, my previous order's collar is way too tall for my liking.
  If you don't mind, what's the measurement of the back of the collar, and the neckband height (from the back)? Also, order #? I like how the collar turned out.
It's normal. I don't have any BB ties that are constructed in that manner, but I have a PRL that is. Some of the finer ties you may handle will also feature hand-rolled edges, in tandem with an unlined and untipped blade.   The keeper probably got loose and was restitched.
Thanks for all the feedback. I noticed that under the tie prices chart, there's no option for a 7-fold construction when it comes to grenadine silks. Is the chart outdated in this sense?   I'll have to think it through whether or not I'm willing to fork out that extra, but I'm sure I'll be pleased with the outcome either way.
Thinking about getting a bitter chocolate piccola grenadine. I think I'll get hand-rolled edges, but is the $40 premium for a six-fold really worth it?
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