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  Wow, those sleeves are absurdly short. My experience with Luxire has been positive though, I'm sorry to hear yours didn't turn out well.
Ah, forward shoulders. I never noticed. I requested for an adjustment for shoulder slope on my previous order, so that's fixed. Guess I have another thing to note for my next order!
No, Albert Thurston will also make them in Medium or Large sizes. I think the "multi-fit" size is really just a Large anyway. I think their braces are all MTO.   Just send them an email when you've completed a transaction with the details and note your specifications. I've done this twice and it's turned out exactly as I wanted so far (though I'd really prefer it if they made them in S size).
The #1738 collar is nice (I have 4 shirts with that collar), but I've come to learn that it has way too much of a tie gap.
The U last fits me perfectly. I don't know what size I wear for the F last since my only experience with it is with two pairs of size 41 shoes that never fit me properly, but if I were to get a pair made on that last I'd get it done in size 40.   The other last that fits me as well as Vass' U is Meermin's Olfe. I take a UK 6.5. I also take a 6.5 for Meermin's Ama last.   I have two pairs of C&Js -- Westfield and Belgrave that I also wear 6.5 in, but those don't...
I can't say whether a double monk will wear smaller/bigger compared to oxfords, but judging on the vamp opening of the shoes above, I would size up to 40.5 for the U. I wear a size 40.5 on Vass' U last too, but in regular width.   I must add that the museum calf in gold looks good.
Wow, those museum calf austerity brogues look beautiful.
If you're so against using gussets and don't like the look, why don't you just specify so? Doesn't Luxire specifically stress that customisation possibilities are endless? And oh, just because Kabbaz says so means it's gospel and is correct?   The way he says things makes it seem as if everything he does is correct and is the best, and everyone else's method is inferior. If you really do believe everything he says to be true because he's earned some sort of merit in your...
All but one of my Luxire shirts have 1.5" neckbands. The other has a 1.75", which is way too big.  Just so there's no confusion, we're talking about the neckband height here, yes? Not the collar height?   I agree -- I think a taller collar/neckband looks better too. Although a shorter collar/neckband is more comfortable, I don't think there's too significant a trade off if you don't overdo it.
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