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UK 6.5 Handgrade Box and shoe bags included. Condition is 6.5/10. More worn than the Westfield. Normal wear, no major damage. Fits very slightly roomier than the Westfield (maybe 1/4 a size). Has acquired a rather nice patina through usage of cream/polish over time.   $340 shipped to the US.
UK 6.5 Benchgrade Box and shoe bags included. Condition is about 8/10 -- has minor marks around, nothing deep/drastic. I wore this only once (bought used). The last doesn't work for me at all. Renovateur-ed and polished   $200 shipped to the US.
If you don't mind telling, where are your braces from?
What happened to the Alumo Light Blue University Stripes 140/2? I'm guessing it ran out of stock -- if so, will it be restocked? When?
Cheers, thanks so much!
  Woah, nice collars! Are they all the same BD? Mind providing your order number?
Well, I have a pair of blackwatch trousers that are from epaulet and they're absolutely gorgeous, but I paid only $55 for them. Full retail at $235? No way...
Yeah, if you want it to be a compression shirt.   It's called drape, not "obviously fabric not needed." Reducing the width of the waist may result in pulling across when you sit, which is uncomfortable. But I guess some people like our eminent Louis XIV want a skin-tight shirt to show off their mighty fine physique.   I like the fit of the shirt, but you can see there's bunching below the shoulders. This indicates that the shirt was cut for a squarer shoulder slope. Your...
Can confirm, I received my shoe trees last week (non-lasted).
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