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Seven ties for sale.   I haven't worn ties for over a year now and they have all been stowed away. From a smoke and pet free home. They are all in great condition (unless otherwise noted) and probably only need a little steaming.   1. Vanda Fine Clothing navy and brown custom made plaid tie (   This is from an old fabric they used to stock: called "MA4305-B."...
Selling 3 Vanda Fine Clothing ties. I hardly wear ties anymore, so I decided to keep only my three favourites from Vanda.   All 3.5" wide. All exquisite.   1. Slate Blue Neat -- $110 USD   2. Lilac-White Herringbone Linen -- $100 USD   3. "Order-Made" MA4305-B -- $120 USD   I'll bear the cost of shipping, which will be a trackable, Priority Mail-equivalent.
For sale is a pair of Meermin 102461 Adelaide LM shoes in UK 6.5.   Cared for using Saphir Renovateur and polishes. I'm the first owner.   These are on Meermin's New Rey last. A bit on the narrower side, but they fit OK. For reference, I wear UK 6.5 in Meermin's Olfe and Ama and for Carmina, and EU 40.5 on Vass U last.   Box and bags included. No trees.   Asking for $200 USD shipped to the US, paid via PayPal.
For sale is a pair of Ralph Lauren Albin wingtip shoes in US 8D. Made in Italy.   Cared for using Saphir Renovateur and polishes. Bought off a member here in May last year, worn sparingly in a healthy rotation.   Fits true to size. I wear UK 6.5 in Meermin and Carmina and EU 40.5 in Vass U and these fit similarly.   No damage to uppers. Little signs of wear.   Box included.   Asking for $160 USD shipped to the US, paid via PayPal.
Got my order today. Amazingly speedy turnaround times. Keep it up, Luxire!   I'm extremely pleased. If anyone happens to remember, I mentioned earlier that I had forgotten to state unfused cuffs and collars for my first order of two shirts (I made a second order which was shipped together), and by the time I did, I was told it was too late.   I was very pleasantly surprised as all the shirts had unfused collars and cuffs! The lining used was also just what I was...
My orders were shipped pretty quickly. Placed one on the 11th and another on the 13th for a total of five shirts, got shipping confirmation on 16th (they were actually picked up on Monday, 18th). I forgot to specify unfused collars and cuffs for my first order of two shirts, and only remembered a day after. It was too late since the collars and cuffs were already fused by then, but I requested extra fabric so I could get unfused collars and cuffs made locally, which...
Strenuously...   All I do is filter my emails for "Luxire" and then use order numbers from there. Very strenuous indeed.
The "Customize and Buy" fields are not showing for me for this:   Is it out of stock?
Great collar! Is it a standard Luxire?
UK 6.5, Ama last Classic line Box and shoe bags included. Shoe trees not included as they will increase shipping costs significantly. Condition is about a 8.5/10. Uppers are nice, soles have normal wear from perhaps 30+ times. Colour is navy, and is a bit difficult to capture. $150 shipped to the US.
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