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Is this a shearling?
  Damn, did anyone here grabbed this? I was having it in my cart, being away for a few minutes, and BOOM, it's sold out.
They are just whatever left over the last a/w sale. So what are you expecting? Anything nice enough to be kopped are already kopped.
  Ahhhh, somebody did. 
I could be wrong because I don't know Italian at all, but the tag says 'Statura: Lun' and I think that means 'Long'. Can anybody who speaks Italian tell me if I get it right?   As for the lapel button hole, my personal taste leans toward not having one, because I don't see myself ever gonna use it. However, if you really want one there, you can always have a tailor to add it for you, which doesn't cost much and usually it looks better than an 'original' one.
For sale is a pair of gorgeous C&J monk strap in very good condition. The model name is 'Grosvenor'. The previous owner wore them about 30 times and I have only tried them indoor 1-2x for 5 minutes top.  The seller told me that they fit true to size however they turned out to be a tad too loose for me, although still wearable. I think they fit the best for true US 9.   Very sleek shape. I have another pair of AE Norwich but these definitely look nicer and have richer...
Price drop
Measurements please?   C&J for Brooks Brothers, $128, 2 hours left.
I was wondering what was the lol until I saw the 4th picture.
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