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Herring Premier ar fine shoes...I have a few pair. Great price, if it was my size I'd grab these.
Great shoes...if they were 10.5 or 11 I'd be all over them.
So, the shoes arrived. They look great and are very comfortable...I'll be ordering another pair. Also, I received an email indicating Edwin just opened a retail shop in a new location. Anyway, they are alive and kicking well, so I suggest you try reaching out to them again.
An update:I reached out again and finally received a reply, with pictures of the custom shoes. I sent address and they say they'll be sent soon. If anyone cares to know, I'll post when I receive them with an evaluation. Progress!
I appreciate it. Do you have experience with Edwin?
I believe Ed is sincere young man. Hopefully he's ok. My guess is that he has "pancake" know, like when you eat a few too many pancakes when you're young and hungry and then have a tummy-ache for a while. I believe he's swamped with opportunity, likely in Asia. At the same time he had issues with sizing in the US and demands to move upscale. In my case I ordered two pairs last year that turned out to be way too small. Rather then return them, Ed...
Hi...does anyone know the next order cycle? I have an order in, but I really want to get the Clayton. Btw, would that shoe work as currently lasted for an 11.5 E US assuming an upsize to 12? Mostly a question of the fullness, or not, of the last...
Can't see my way to $150 right now.  If you'd like to meet in the middle at $125 I'll do it now.   Thanks.
Missileblitz, do you own a pair?  I'm a US. 11E. And am looking at Ed's size 45...the measurements imply US E width, but I'm concerned based on your comment.  They've offered a 46, perhaps based on feedback from this forum, but I worry about length in that case.  Any advice?
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