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Ok, according to this I have 10.5D  And I'm totally confused now.   I have Red Wing Iron Ranger size 9D and they fit perfectly!   WTF?  
 Fantastic color! I want the same.What's your size? Can you measure length of your feet?
Nice advice, but once again, I'm in Russia, there is no such things in here.Should I buy one to measure my feets?  I think it's too much.So I guess it's better to wait for someone with same size to answer about his boots
One more stupid question about how does they fit My feet is 280mm long, it's 11 inches. As I understand it is US10 size, right? Is it true I need to order US9 size boots to get correct fit?   Maybe there is someone with same feet size as my? What size of 1000 Mile Boot do you wear? I'm asking because I'm in Russia and there is no way to find them in local stores at my city. I want to buy them online, but it's hard to choose correct size :( What size should I buy?
Guys, can anybody help me with Alden 1493? I need to pick correct size. My feet is 11 inches = What size I have to choose?   I ask this question on many online shops support e-mails, but only leffot answered:   Can anybody confirm this?
 so funny asian guys. You have to understand one thing, when I buy a Wolverine, I expect to get "Made in USA" boots. If I'll need USA boots "Made in China" I will buy Timberland That's what I mean. I have a lot things made in China, even iPhone , but i believe chinese Wolverine's made not on Foxconn factories. So quality are not the same as made in usa Wolverine's.   And I like green tea from china, but not the boots, sorry
OMG, folks, are these boots made in China?!?!? I want them, they looks so awesome... but MADE IN CHINA???
I got my first RW from, they arrived from Germany in 7 days     They fits perfect, thanks for the tips. By the way, what's the difference in mm between D and EE?        They fitsf
One more thing about Red Wing:       Is this true? Im asking because there is no way to find them in local store at my city. I want to buy them online, but it's hard to choose right size :( Normally I wear russian size 43, it's US 10. What size should I buy?
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