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5 ties for $125. 3 sport shirts for $100. 5 dress shirts for $275, I think. Also a deal on sportcoats--two for $500, if not cashmere. Some nice belts for around $75.
I coincidently have both the Antea and a Hamilton Khaki as you describe. I enjoy them both, wear them both . . .Khaki is legible and attractive; Antea is more special, in my view--dressier, distinctive yet classic design.
As of yesterday evening, some deals to be had. I got a nice orange fall/spring coat, marked at $795, for $24.98. (Yellow and orange had the big markdowns). Storm system coats were down to $250, I think. Dress shirts were 5 for $225.
Also a rack with a nice amount of RL Purple Label summer wear . .
Upland Trading Company in the East Village used to carry Filson--give them a call. They're close to Kiehls ..
Dunhill suits, shirts, overcoats, ties, sportswear is 70% off. A number of single button suits were included, fwiw. T&A sale continues--the Martin Greenfield made suits are all $600, the Cheshire stuff is half off. Shirts are $120.
I think it's $500 for one, 1300 for three. The Hand Tailored line (I didn't see any but didn't look too hard) are $1,000.
I think it's a good sale this time. Lots of mainline suits in my size, now 3 for $1300. Ties are 5 for $100, sportcoats are $200, the nice sport shirts are 3 for $75. Dress shirts are 5 for $225, I think. I picked up a nice herringbone Storm System fall coat for $250, from $1250. The outerwear is all 50% off the lowest marked price. I think they learned their lesson from prior sales.
Prices are the same (60%) as of this a.m. When did prices for dress shirts migrate to $420? I mean, even with the discount, couldn't you go to Geneva and get a decent fabric for less? The outwear is beautiful but too rich for my blood, even with the discount. Sigh.
Loro Piana sale disappointing, price wise. Trousers 80% off (from $330)--smaller sizes looked better (32, 34); sweaters and knitwear 60% off original ridiculous prices, outerwear 70% off, shirts 70% off (of $300 or so).
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