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I don't know, to charge someone $2K for a shirt, and then turnaround and charge them $200 for a white t-shirt is tacky IMO.  Even rich people, I imagine, don't like being ripped off.
The clothes I suppose, wearing Ed Hardy, Tapout, and Affliction will accentuate your monster cock.  Also, if you really want to be a trendsetter, bring back the codpiece.    
I think something that would work just as well would be for Zegna to offer "complimentary" shirts.  Just as high rollers at casinos get free rooms.    
Wow, you sure like to make a new guy feel welcome.    
  Very inspiring JLibourel.  You are like a dapper Jack Lalanne!  And I completely understand the issue with the bid drop.  I have 9-10 inch drop, but most companies make what they call athletic cuts, and you can also buy the top and the bottom separately as well now.    
Ok, it looks like not many people agree, which is fine.  The purpose was to advance my point, which I have obviously failed at.  But what's up with those random pictures, are they from movies or something?
    Again, the main point wasn't about suiting.  I concede that significant differences in quality exists with suits and all luxury items for that matter, which makes brands valuable (even though I said that I resent paying the high mark-up).  I was mainly talking about items in the list.  T-Shirts, Socks, etc. which I have concluded as commodities, generally equal with the exception of brand and price.   
  II wasn't arguing about suits, cashmere sweaters, etc.  I was just saying that certain items have become so common and inseperable, that it really makes no sense to buy them at name-brand full-price.  One example was the white T-shirt.  Another was the pocket square.  The list goes on, but yes, with items such as suiting, differences in quality are far greater.
  But a Cashmere Sweater is a high-end luxury item, and a white t-shirt is not.  Even then, with a little bit of research and feel, you can still get equally good stuff for less.  For example, with cars, A Hyundai Genesis spec-for-spec, price-for-price, review-for-review outlclasses a BMW or Mercedes.  I actually plan to buy one as my first car out B-School.  For those of us who do not place a premium on luxury labels, there savings to be had.   
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