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I'm looking for someone who could proxy for me from the RL Asia site for RRL jacket that is on sale but gone in the US. I'm in LA and could reciprocate. Never done this before so not sure how to work it. Please PM me. Thanks, Matt.
Yup - I worked for RL back then.  If it just says "Ralph Lauren Country", like this tag, it's women's.  Men's will say "Polo Country".  
These were holiday collection 2007 or 2008 - I think it was called "Black Tie".  I remember seeing them in the store.  They're legit, just a little old.
No.  Why would you think you could?
They did this short summer of 2007, here:   All the tags from that season had this cool tropical look with a palm tree:         The name of the line was "Indigo Isle."  If it's the same fabric (which it looks like), t's definitely an indigo-dyed soft twill, not denim.  I had these, but eventually sold them on eBay because they were cut too baggy and wide in the leg.  IMO, the officer cut is much more masculine.  Still, it's a lot of look to pull off in a short.  You...
Absolutely perfect.  I have three versions of this from past springs, and this is by far the best looking one.  The blue is spot on.  
Anyone have an active BZR 10% off code?  I had one that expired.  
Size up.  I'm a 30 in low straight and 31 in slim fit.  I have many pair of both, and it's always been this way.  Beware the calf in the slim fit is very small, which has always been an issue for me.  I actually prefer the 32 slim fit for the calf, but don't need the inch in the waist.  
I have the shaker cardigan from last winter in navy - it's the same as the black one online right now.  It's good - heavy, hasn't really pilled (although I got it late in the season last winter, so probably only worn a few times).  It feels like pretty standard wool, like any kind of heavy sweater.  It certainly isn't cashmere soft or even as soft was merino.  
I have a question about the suit jackets.  I have a couple sport coats that were made a few years ago before the more recent suits were made.  When I got mine, they didn't have the fake button holes sewn in, so you could easily alter the sleeves and move the buttons.  Does anyone have experience with moving the buttons on the newer jackets where the fake holes are embroidered on, specifically in removing all that stitching?  I'm worried it might ruin the fabric.  I never...
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