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Found the last retros at champs on the sale table and sold them on ebay.      
Saw these at my local Sports Authority in Crystal City
Saw these in Nike Georgetown. They are very glittery. May pick up a pair.
I got mine from the nike outlet around this time last year for $75. The one with the black top and 3m bottom. Oh, and its the girls version. I guys version felt like wear a plastic bag.
 I was in 10th grade that year. 
 Washing machine is clutch. Put it in a pillowcase or a bra bag. One of the main reasons I love flyknits. Just dont put them in the dryer unless you have a shelf. 
Yes, sales end in name only. Like someone else has mentioned, you can buy items as long as they dont sell during the sale. I like to put things in my cart, let them sit and wait for a code or price drop.
I doubt those Kobes will do well here in Houston. They have all sat, unless they do a limited run. 
Holy Shit, 83 Pegasus is on ID. 
 Pretty common practice especially with high-end retailers. Do it once and you should be good with future purchases. Balenciaga Vegas was the last retailer to ask me to do this but it was some years back.
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