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Ive noticed net a porter and MR porter items in TJ Maxx. 
Please report back I'm thinking of getting a pair for hiking.
Are these actually warm? Could i get through 1-2" on snow?
Be careful I got a pair and they snag fairly easily. 
Looks to be a drum major and judging by his stance in may be for a HBCU.
im copping the olympics if they drop
Is this the that travels from city to city?If so, i hear its best to go at the first stop. Lots of it is returns or irregular items. Tickets to enter or for various time slots. Long lines to enter.
Guess you wouldnt in the bay, its a hypebeast stronghold. Ive seen the Aquas, Maroons, black/red Labs and 11's  in various outlets from Texas to Virginia.
They will end up at outlets.
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