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 Pretty common practice especially with high-end retailers. Do it once and you should be good with future purchases. Balenciaga Vegas was the last retailer to ask me to do this but it was some years back.
I like these. Love that FK Trainer sole. 
These gotta be for females.
Since the military has left me disabled, I find I can't wear my Jordans for too long until I need to lay down.   These flyknits/lunargrands are a God send. Very low impact on my knees. They have become my go to shoe.   Found the "Sprite" looking one at my Lukes Locker for $50 and the MC's for $120.    Unlike my Jordans where I may get a second look from a kid, I get seconds looks from kids to adults in my Trainers and Racers. Wore the MC's to meet with Houston's...
 Really that things are hideous and the price tag.
If it's a true SB release, only skate shops and NDC will have them.. 
Looks like a pair of XJ900's. 
Yep I actually see returned id stuff on the hash wall at the outlets
Would be nice if they had laces. I haven't went laceless since I was an infant. 
Didn't know my posts were being graded. On the other hand, whats the deal the Tech Fleece Shorts and shirts? Can they be found anywhere. Pops copped some while in NY and didn't bother to tell me. #asshole If you're in Houston, Lukes Locker (West Gray) has Flyknit trainers for 49.99. 
New Posts  All Forums: