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Ralph Lauren, Drakes & Alexander Olch.
I just bought some golden fleece trousers in the London store on sale. Made in Italy. Just thought I'd let you lot know.
I'm going to be ordering one of these soon and I believe these sweaters take 90 hours to knit as they're probably knitted by old Grannies while watching daytime tv in the highlands.
Top notch company. I bought a pair of Churches from them which developed a hole after a few weeks and they got the resoled free of charge and gave me a deal on another pair of shoes.
I would say that the quality of C&J Bench is far better than that of Church's. I heard a rumour on Saturday from the cool salesman in C&J, Burlington arcade that Church's are going to introduce shirts & suits! ha ha they're a joke now. EG's of course pwn them both as would Lobb's and G&G's but I don't own either of those two so can't fairly comment. In my limited knowledge though I would say that these three are the podium sitters.
Thanks for the info. And yes, my Balmorals leather is quite crap compared to my Chetwynds!
Thanks for your feedback. I shall for sure look into those Cheaney's. Does anyone know about the Church's resoling question? Many thanks.
First up, I need to get both pairs of my Church's (Chetwynd & Balmoral) resoled My Balmorals have been resoled once already and I'm quite unhappy with the quality of Church's soles as they've worn out sooo quickly! Both were purchased through Herring shoes and are roughly 2 years old. Herring dealt with the first resole with Church's as they developed a hole after only a few months. I wear both pairs maybe once or twice a week and even used Swims on rainy winter...
Excellent, I wasn't sure if blue polish was easily available. I shall investigate these. Thanks for the help.
I recently aquired a pair of navy Edward Green KG's at their bargain sale price I was just wondering what shoe polish fello owners use with these shoes? do EG offer a blue polish? Also as I am in town on the weekend, could anyone tell me how much a pair of EG shoe trees would set me back? Many thanks RK
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