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Picked up one of these in dark navy at a GW for personal use, very nice stuff......
Now that the dust has settled from the Brioni explosion:   Recent, staple medium brown HF "Oakbrook" for Nordstrom's, 3-button, dual vent, double pleat cuffed, lightweight, very soft wool, slim 40R, too long for me, available:         [[SPOILER]]
  Those look similar to the gold buttons I found (see below), mine (award winning) were marked Lindsay 14k and I was able to find the on-line catalog for the company. What's the name on the back?      
          Very close, $546.20 to me (and I still have the Oxxford) 24k spot gold was going for $1570 per oz. on 6/20/12, the buttons were 14k....
Nice Zegna, Size?
    Congratulations! Best wishes!     Where's my prizes!
  I like to think of it as a pissed off wife who donated her cheating husbands prized Oxxford sport coat after walking in on him and his secretary......
These are the shirts with PTP 23 1/2,   Yoox has them on sale for $69, (think it's the same type shirt)
Seller responded, PTP is 23 1/2
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