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Love how, Oh this place has a promo code. It's in this massive thread somewhere. Post the damn code.
I'd assume you would had been charged at delivery. That's what happened with my friend.
Anybody try to order stuff from Frans Boone or Norse store? Did you guys get hit with a brokerage fee?   I know that we can get $800 worth of stuff duty free, but that doesn't stop FedEx and UPS from trying to nickel and dime the shit out of the packages.
Never mind I think I found it.   It looks like they'll still charge a 2% fee. But the Clearance Entry Fee will be rised up to $800, if i'm assuming that's correct.
What's the flat rate fee? I've been trying to search for it, but everything comes up empty. It's like they don't want to tell people who much it's going to cost to get something imported.
So if March 10th is the date for the new limit custom duties are going to go in effect, how sure are we going to be about FedEx and UPS actually will abide by it? They don't seem to be the must trust worthy companies.
Got the sweater, it looks less green then in the pictures on NMWA. Still love the color and the weave.  
I bought two of the Vexillo sweaters this season. I didn't realize their different from the ones last Spring. This season is 35% nylon vs 10%. I like the feel of the 10% nylon as it's softer but the colors this season are so much cooler. I'm kind of glad I missed out last year. I made sure this time around to be the first one to buy the teal sweater.    Any scarves coming out?
No Man Walks Alone released their SS stock. Copped the teal sweater.
Selling a Belstaff Roadmaster. I've worn this about 3-4 times, and it's been sitting in my closet for awhile. I feel like it doesn't fit the style i'm going for. I'm letting it go because it's useless to let this thing sit in my closet for years. This has the made in Italy tag, and I can take a picture of the tag as proof.   I'm asking $400+S/H. I'll ship it USPS in a large flat rate box, should be around $15 or so...I think.             No low baller...
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