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Did anybody receive their pre-order?
boff, they are boxed and ready to be mailed to you. Just show me the money! :)
I bought these here on the Styleforum as a desire to own a John Lobb. These are beautiful shoes, but I find that a big guy like me looks best with double sole shoes such as the Aldens. And so I almost exclusively wear Alden shoes and these just have been sitting for way too long with my hopes of one day wearing them. It's time to face reality and sell these to someone who will enjoy them.   Width 4 1/2 inches Length 12 3/8 inches   There's plenty of life left. And the...
I just bought a few pairs of the Tellason Ankara via the Filson sale. They are sanforized 12.5 oz cone mill denim. I hear all this advice about hot soaking to get accurate shrinkage, and I do plan to hem the length, but I always plan to cold wash these jeans and I plan enough rotation that I imagine cold washing perhaps 4 times a year. If a person plans to cold-wash the jeans, why advice to hot-soak?
Are the Nigel Cabourn Cameraman arms roomy? The 54 may fit a 46 inch chest, but I am concerned about the arms. I have a Frank Leder Hooded coat that has 24inch pit2pit measurement, but it's still restrictive, mainly because of a combination of the my arms being big and the coat arms being very fitted and so I don't have as much freedom of movement in that coat. But the Nigel Cabourn Cameraman has raglan sleeves and if the arms are roomy, I should be set. I don't plan on...
I'm a size 46inch chest and was wondering if I could still have good arm movement in a Camerman 54. It seems that many people stay TTS on the Cameraman. Should I go for a 56?   My other concern is that I'm 5'9'' and size 56 might have long sleeves that are too long.
  I do have a muscular and strong build and some people say it's all muscle, I say it's fat surrounding muscle and I need to loose some lbs. I regularly weight lift and swim. At my best, I look like a full build powerlifter, but when I slack off at the gym, things start to head a little south.    We live in San Jose and I tried on the Stark XL in Concrete at Union Made Good in San Francisco. But our timing was bad because we only had 15 minutes in the store before closing...
I'm 5'10'', 215lbs, and a size 46 inch chest and have been wondering which size of the SNS Stark Cardigan would work for me. Looks like there's a regular cut version out there although I really like the Concrete mix because of the way it shows the waffle pattern. I hope to loose some weight in the next year, so perhaps my chest may go down to 43-44. What would you guys recommend?
One of my favorite sweaters, but I've worn it only a few times and it sits as a stored treasure.. It's in excellent condition. I'm just not a turtle neck sweater kind of guy. It's a very thick and well made 70% wool / 30% acrylic blend. It's very soft, thick, and has quite a bit of stretch to it. That's why I put L to XL as the size. It has some nice design elements in the way the shoulder seams are sewn. See the photos. If I recall correctly, the retail was over $200,...
  Good to know. My wife would be glad to see me replace them. I think that's why she hasn't been totally objecting to my recent purchases. I used to think they were dressy, but I recently started wearing a pair of Alden LWB Ravello, which my wife likes, and now realize how clunky these things look in comparison. I've got a Marlow soon to be delivered as well as the Alden Natural CXL tankers. I think these Prada's will serve to give my other shoes a break. :)
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