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does anyone have any experience with sutor mantellassi? seen a few bits and bobs on here saying it was bought by a korean firm   a quick google search yielded a result that they have a boutique in knightsbridge, anyone been there?   dandy 
  how i wish this were true Imaligaya .. glory days are well and truly over in markets ..   my advice to our intern friend would be do the internship .. then switch professions to something you can really make money in
Thanks guys .. Hermes prices are a joke .. all round really .. which puts me off the brand as I don want to be treated like a mug .. I typed hermes belt into u tube and got a raft of videos showing people unwrapping them from boxes .. spotty American teenagers who look like they have blown their life savings on them..bit pathetic really ..
I think all watches look better on a leather strap ..although more costly with Swiss rip off strap replacements .. NATO strap can look ok if a little too utilitarian IMHO and perhaps as bit tacky as well .. et the explorer and go with a black leather strap separately ..
Has anyone got a Hermes 'H' belt? What are thoughts on SF about them .. is it a classic piece or a bit 'eurotrash'?   Prices are ridiculous though .. £540 ?! Seems a bit of a rip-off?   Dandy/
i didnt realise stevie wonder was on SF
    are you sure about this dude .. as extra slim is tight especially around the chest? perhaps your dads old shirts have shrunk after successive washings? 
    thanks for the comparision .. that would mean brooks old stock regular fits must have always been fairly roomy to say the least!
navy more versatile, azure blue more pezaz .. get both.
thanks for clarifying this jackie, really appreciate the info. its kind of sad that this has happened as its sort of fragmented a classic product.   fascinating that they have changed the standard cut to make allowance for fat(ter) americans and the obvious obesity issue over there! quite impressed at your resourcefulness in picking up new old stock from the 60s jackie  .. incidently how do you new old 60s standard shirts compare to the new brooks slim fit shirts ie...
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