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doc that made me laugh out loud .. the 'SF echo chamber' .. its so true   there so is an SF 'look book', and sure i can spot a fellow SFer at 100 paces ..  anyways ..   i was actually wondering if theyd look ok on a night out (really does just goes to show ive been spending far too much time in the SF echo chamber)  .. ive got a niggling feeling though that on a night out in a bar i would face a long evening of ridicule from my friends & quite possibly get beaten up...
has anyone bought this type of loafer from Rubinacci? would anyone here actually wear them out?   the tiny bow makes them look very feminine indeed, what are others thoughts? i think id be quite concerned heading back home on the tube in london in these  .. the only people ive seen wearing a shoe like this are on luca & poirot reruns!    dandy
interesting that SF members view is that C&J is fantastic, especially at that mid tier price point.. i am personally questioning whether some of these widely held beliefs on SF are true or not !
    i walked around crockett and jones and every single shoe has a gap under the heel ..it definately isnt comfortable as others have said on here, the problem is that the shoe may well straighten with your weight as you stand on the shoe, but you are then in effect bending an inch of sandwiched heel leather which strains the muscles in the feet and legs.    what are peoples experiences with lobb, EG heels? is there a gap under them as well?    
thanks for the heads up, i was going to make a trek down to knightsbridge to check out what theyve got .. any idea where these can be found in london?   the website has some very nice looking loafers on there .. and is actually now one of the better italian websites in terms of info about their shoes etc ...            
does anyone have any experience with sutor mantellassi? seen a few bits and bobs on here saying it was bought by a korean firm   a quick google search yielded a result that they have a boutique in knightsbridge, anyone been there?   dandy 
  how i wish this were true Imaligaya .. glory days are well and truly over in markets ..   my advice to our intern friend would be do the internship .. then switch professions to something you can really make money in
Thanks guys .. Hermes prices are a joke .. all round really .. which puts me off the brand as I don want to be treated like a mug .. I typed hermes belt into u tube and got a raft of videos showing people unwrapping them from boxes .. spotty American teenagers who look like they have blown their life savings on them..bit pathetic really ..
I think all watches look better on a leather strap ..although more costly with Swiss rip off strap replacements .. NATO strap can look ok if a little too utilitarian IMHO and perhaps as bit tacky as well .. et the explorer and go with a black leather strap separately ..
Has anyone got a Hermes 'H' belt? What are thoughts on SF about them .. is it a classic piece or a bit 'eurotrash'?   Prices are ridiculous though .. £540 ?! Seems a bit of a rip-off?   Dandy/
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