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1 inch? thats about 2.5 cm.. that seems like a lot?   dandy.
very much so .. i think the markets (and general public) ae bored of the 'will Greece default or not' situation and therefore hearing a repeat of their problems paying back next bond coupon are not inducing fear and selling.   I think to make that happen now we actually need a formal default to happen .. that will make it all hit home again and cause real problems for Institutions holding Greek (and other Euro periphery debt) and Investment Banks who...
Yes I think these are fair points, the market seems resilient at the moment. What catalysts do you believe are going to bring the market down in the short term?    Talks between Greece and bondholders are recommencing today which may disintegrate ..leading to potential default / exit by greece of euro ?   Dandy.  
Chinese growth in line with estimates 8.7 (if you believe the stats out of Beijing) Eurozone downgrades Greek talks with bondholders going down the plughole   =   Markets Up   Someone explain what is going on? Why is the market (equities & commodities) rallying near to historic highs?  
I was wondering when standing in a blazer, is it normal for the vents on the back (double vent in this case) to LIE slightly open and not lie totally flat? im talking a 10% angle of the flaps to each other if that..    Would members have the blazer adjusted by a tailor so the vents drape completely flat? I assume this would mean changing the 'drop' of the jacket? Is it a big job if this needs to be done?   Dandy. 
Hey Shoebie, appreicate the info. Definately an interesting shoe.   How much height does the raised heel portion add up to on the Basel?   Dandy.  
whats the RRP on these jackets? is the kei line always in unlined cashmere?
Hi shoebie, yes its an interesting new kid on the block .. the basel were the ones that i was looking at.   My only concern is that the sole on the basel is completely flat .. no heel at all. Do you find this more or less comfortable when walking around?
who makes the best suede brougue? any nice pics?   dandy.
has anyone bought a pear of loafers from harrys of london? some of the loafters look nice as a casual swede shoe but pretty punchy prices and a new company which hasnt been around a long time.   shoes rrp at £300 + so competing with the likes of tods .. is quality high and the prices worth it?   dandy.
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