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Final Reduction: $110.00 shipped   Reduced price to $200 shipped and Bump. Reduced to $170 --> Further Reduced to $150.00     I am selling a used pair of black loafers by the Spanish company Barrats 1890. They are excellently constructed with beautiful leather. Although they were originally leather soled, a rubber pad has been added for increased traction. I imagine that this can be replaced with a new leather sole for only a minor cost if desired, but the...
Thanks mcass, by any chance could you tell me how it compares to the 5 last, if you know? I am a 9E in the McTavish and a 9.5 D in the PA (same last, i know, but for some reason the PA's felt more comfortable with a little extra room up front, and I have a narrow heel for such a wide toe area). Also, I checked with the Freeport shop, out of the Soho. Elbastardocalvo, where did you order yours? How are you liking them?
By any chance could you tell me what last the Soho is on, and if they had a wide selection of sizes and colors? Looks like a great shoe for a terrific price.
Good suggestion and general advice! Any further suggestions on brands that I should look into that are of roughly the same price and of good quality?    And thank you for the nice welcome as well!
Hi all,    Currently looking for a belt that would work well with the natural leather AE McTavish as well as a camel suede chukka boot from Johnston and Murphy. What would you guys suggest? I was thinking about possibly getting a belt from Narragansett Leathers. Anyone have any experience with their belts? Do you think that the chestnut leather would match best, or something else? Also, do you think the 1.25 or 1.5 belt would be best?   Thanks
Thanks guys, Ill use the brown belt, unless i can find a good natural looking one for a reasonable price
Thank you for the advice. I think I will go with the McTavish. One last question, I do not have any belts that are "natural" (ie tan) in color, but do have brown, burgandy and black. which of my belts do you think would look best with the shoes (lets say with a dark blue wash jeans)
Hi all,   I am considering purchasing either AE's McAllister or McTavish for more casual wear, although I would like to dress them up as well if need be. Which would you suggest, as well as what color? I would most likely be wearing them with jeans, occasionally dress pants and maybe a suit (as long as it is not to work). Additionally, I will like these to take over as my casual "going out" type shoe, to bars etc. Which do you all think would be the best...
thanks for both of your help! I think I may give them a try and see how they fit and resell it on ebay if it is no good
Hey everyone, been lurking quite a bit on this forum, but this is my first post. I found a pair of Alden 1672 Monk Strap shoes on ebay in 9.5 B/D but do not know if they would fit me well or not since I have never tried on Aldens before. Is an Alden in this last and 9.5b/d comparable in size to an AE Mcallister 9.5E or JM Melton 9.5D, which both fit me very well?   Thanks
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