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I am selling a barely used Jos A Bank Summer suit. it is size 40R, 2 buttons, single vent. Pants have double reversed pleats. It is not wool, although I am not sure if it is 100% cotton or a blend of some sort (doesnt appear to have it stated on the label). It is stone in color. I am selling it for $100 shipped to the continental US. Please inquire with any questions you might have.
Reduced Price: $200 --> Further Reduced: $150 shipped   I am selling a used Navy Brooks Brothers suit. It is size 42R, but has been taken in (both pants and jacket); it should be an easy tailoring job. The pants are pleated and the jacket has 3 buttons and side vents. I am selling it as is, but am happy to provide additional information and pictures. It is $300 shipped CONUS. 
Reduced Price: $40 shipped --> Further Reduced: $30.00 shipped   I am selling a pair of used Brooks Brothers wool pants. They are pleated and have cuffs. Marked Size 34S but are really not short. I am 5'9 and they fit perfectly fine with a good sized break and length to spare for alterations. It is a charcoal/mid grey color. I am asking for $65 shipped CONUS. Please let me know if you have any questions. 
Ya i have been trying a lot of different sizes in the black PA, as well as a couple of other lasts. I originally settled on a factory second in size 9E because a few different sales assistants said that the toe area would stretch/open up a bit. But after wearing it 2-3 times a week for 4 or 5 weeks, it still feels very tight and causes some pain by the end of the day along the pinky toe and big toe, as well as along the top of the foot towards the inside. Tried sizing up...
I have a quick question regarding sizing. I know on the website it says the specific measurement increases for going up a half size and a width in length and wide respectively, but I am wondering if there is a width increase while going up a length size. for example, does the width increase going from a 9D to 9.5D, or just the length? Thanks for your help (from someone with serious 5 last sizing issues)
Any thoughts on pairing the Flat Iron in Walnut with Navy and/or Grey suits? Besides not being a balmoral, think the toe is too ornate for suits?
SOLD       Reduced Price: $40.00 Shipped CONUS   I am selling a pair of JCrew Brown Deerskin leather gloves. They are size M and are unlined. The leather feels terrific and have only been worn 5 or 6 times, and not in the rain. They are sold as is. $55 shipped CONUS. 
Reduced prices: BB - $80, CK - $80. Further reduction: $50 each   I am selling two blazers, one is a navy brooks brother 2 button blazer with gold buttons. It is label 43R, but has been tailored so fits a bit smaller around the waist. It has a single center vent. $100 shipped CONUS   The second blazer is a black Calvin Klein 3 button blazer with dark buttons. I did not see a label, but it fits around a 39/40R. This jacket does not have any vents. I am selling the...
Reduced price: $30 Shipped CONUS. Further reduction: $20.00 shipped   I am selling 6 used ties that are still in good condition. They were my father's, given to me about 5-10 years ago, but have barely seen use since then. I am selling them for $35 a piece, shipping included, to the continental US. Please PM with any questions you might have. Would be willing to do group purchase discounts. They are all standard length (can measure if so desired).    In...
Received my natural tan Mctavishs today. Fit beautifully and are of course a great sight to see. Took about a month to get them, but that is to be expected since they are a less commonly stocked item. Would definitely purchase from allaboutshoes again.    Thanks!
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