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Hey Goldy,they are called the Brantley. Really great shoe, personally like the clean captoe more than the Fifth Street's medallion. PM me if you are 9.5E and have any interest in a black pair; may be willing to part with mine since they sadly don't get as much use as they should
Anyone have pics of the Long Branch in tan (preferably in the wild if you got em)? I looked on AE and they only have pics of the dark brown grain leather and the brown waxy leather.
Thanks Acousticfoodie, and yep, on Dappered as well! So it sounds like as long as I make sure the cobbler on affixes the rubber to the bottom of the used sole, and doesn't try to remove the sole incorrectly it will be recraftable later. Awesome. Now i just need to figure out how to say all this in Turkish
Hey guys, posted this a few days ago and never heard any responses. Any thoughts?  Thanks
Hey all, quick question regarding putting a topy/vibram sole on a pair of AEs? I have a pair of well-used McTavishs that I really love. I am currently living in Turkey so can't send them in easily/cheaply to get recrafted when the time comes. Would I be able to put a rubber sole on the existing, used sole? Or does it need a fresh and clean sole? 
Sorry, it is size 9, with no marking for a width, but they feel like a standard width
Thanks for the info MSchapiro, Ill post how mine end up fitting. 
So there is a great 40% off deal over at lastcall that offers the chance to get walk-over bucks for just $100. Before I order, I was wondering if anyone knew how they compare size wize to AE shoes? I am between a 9-9.5 D-E in AE shoes, would a 9.5 work you think in the Walk-Overs? Also, which do you think is more subtle/office ready of the two derby midis on offer: yellow orange
Reduced Price: $35.00 shipped, Final reduction: $30.00 Shipped   I am selling a lightly used red sweater. It is Polo by Ralph Lauren. Size L. 3/4 Zip. Very soft and comfortable material that keeps you quite warm in the winter. It is 90% merino wool and 10% Angora rabbit hair. Please contact me with any questions. It is $45 shipped to the continental US.
I am selling 4 pairs of used, but in great condition pants. Each is $20 with $5 shipping (both single item and group rate). Please pm with any questions you might have.   2x Banana Republic: cotton. stone/light khaki colored Inseam: 29.12 Waist: 17.25 wide Rise: 11 Leg Opening: 9.12   Inseam: 28.88 Waist: 17.25 wide Rise: 11 Leg Opening: 9.25     1x JCrew: cotton. Grey Inseam: 29.5 Waist: 17 wide Rise: 11.25 Leg Opening: 8.75   1x...
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