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 I have this jacket and really like it.  I used to have the aircraft jacket.  This one fits slimmer.  I didn't see any difference in quality.  If anything, I prefer the japanese line.  They usually fit slimmer and with higher armholes as well as longer sleeves.  If it ever loses water resistance, you could play around with some DWR spray or soak.  But I would highly recommend testing it in an inconspicuous area first.  I myself will leave mine to wear naturally.  Don't...
I might sell you mine.  I'm more of a 48 now.  pm me.  It's the blue check version
  Thanks and sorry for the late response.  I only check this thread once in a while. The dark spots are from my jeans.  I wear Iron Heart so it's the natural indigo rubbing off.  I haven't tried to clean it much and don't think it really will.  I don't mind it.  Actually kind of like it.  I did clean the rest of the shoes with a brush and some mild detergent with warm water though.  That seems to get most dirt and grime out easily.
My MTOs on the 2040 I got this summer.  Basically been wearing them daily.  Not sure why or how my two pairs of Vibergs are so damn comfortable and supportive, but they are.  Can wear them longer than sneakers.  
Free shipping in lower 48.   Never worn.  Just been sitting in my closet.
Brand new with tags.  I'm going to post this here for a day or two and ship it back to England for a refund if no one picks it up.  Shipping is free in the lower 48.   the close up photo shows the correct color.  It's wine (burgundy).  Not purple as in one of the pics.   thanks.
  Contact Viberg directly.  Either Morgan or Brett.  These are very new lasts.  I was advised to go the same size as my 110, which worked for me.  And yes, I think 2045 and 2040 would be the same size as well.  I believe the only one some can size down on (half size) is the 2030.  Although, I would probably still go with my standard 11.5.  For reference, I'm also a 11.5 in Red Wing Gentleman Travelers, Iron Rangers, and Alden Barrie/Trubalance.  Although, I don't own any...
  They are.  More of a military type last.  less dressy.  more casual.  
Oh an 2040 last.  Same as 2045 but slimmer.
Same as the boondockers.   Natural Aniline Cromexel roughout. 
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