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I wrote about overcoats and listed four or five...they might be good considerations for you. In general, however, a gray or navy coat might be more versatile than a black one, though back is clearly dressier.
V-neck sweaters are more much chic and style-forward than crewnecks, which I hardly ever wear these days. They look great when you wear a dress shirt under them unbuttoned at the top so the collar is spread. It's always a fail-safe look.
It is not really possible to generalize about such a broad subject. From what I experienced though as an American living in France was that European women did tend to be in general better dressed and more sophisticated than American women. They have a knowledge savoir faire about life, but on the other hand they are more traditional than American city women too. I do have a preference for French women though!
If you can wait until November, they are coming out with a touch screen LG that looks like the ugly cousin of the Prada Phone. There is a story on about it.
Those are rather hideous. I would recommend a pair with a bamboo or horsebit piece on the front like this:
Don't buy them, I bought one when I was living in France and they not only have a strange fit, but are of poor quality. Two weeks after I bought it, the front buttons started falling off, something I found to be persistent in everything I tried from there. Instead, check out selections from J. Crew and Banana Republic. Here are some good options with pictures and prices concluded:
There are a lot of good options for under $600, notably at J.Crew and Banana Republic. You might also be interested in checking There are several options that might interest you here: There are pictures and links with prices
Moccasins are definitely 'in' for this fall/winter, though I don't think that the variety you bought are necessarily acceptable for outside wear. Generally, I think they are a really great shoe and a more comfortable alternative to a loafer or a lace-up. I wrote about moccasins on SavoirVivre New York. Barney's makes a cool pair as well as the Minnetonkas that were previously stated. Check out the post here:
In Paris, eat at the Maison Blanche. Their website is: and it's fabulous. It has amazing view of the Seine and Paris at night so it's very romantic. Also, Kong ( is another great one. I spent New Year's there last year and it's just one of the coolest places ever. Just make sure to dress chic and you'll be good! No sneakers. Do you know where you're staying yet?
I don't know about the actual health benefits (it's probably a gimmick), but as a flavored water, it's quite good. My favorites are the Energy and the Focus. SavoirVivre New York
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