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@ccallis Ahhhh, alright. Thanks, Chris. When that is added, I'll be able to order shirts exclusively from Proper Cloth. I like my collars unfused, but the Roma Cutaway is a bit extreme for me as a go-to (although I like it on special occasion). 
@ccallis and, do you think there will be a stiff, unfused Roma Spread in the future? I think that would be a great addition.  Thanks! 
@ccallis also, what placket and cuffs would you recommend with the stiff, unfused collars?  Thanks! 
@ccallis Just a suggestion, but I'd love to see the Roma Spread done in the stiff, unfused manner like you have done with the Roma Cutaway and President Spread. Any chance that could happen in the future? 
Ordered my new light wash denim... Had a tough time deciding between soft ivy and soft roma cutaway. Any thoughts?    Thanks!
That would be thread count (100s and up) not price. @ccallis 
Awesome! Would love more stripe options in the 100s and up that aren't "wrinkle resistant". Thanks, Chris! 
@ccallis Any bengal stripes coming in the near future that don't have the "wrinkle resistant" treatment? 
Is this the light or dark wash? 
Is this the light or dark wash? 
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