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How did you get the storm welt put on? 
@ccallis I'd love to offer a couple suggestions for sometime in the future 1) Roma Spread in the stiff unfused variety 2) stiff unfused cuffs 3) stiffer ivy button down Just thought I'd give it a try!
BRAND NEW, UNWORN Carmina Mallorca Penny LoaferUetam Last  Brown Calf Size 10UK
@hookem12387 what is the difference between the 250-280 gram fresco and the 280-310 gram fresco? Or, does anyone know? 
@luxire How can I see the mocklino fabrics? What is the price point on those? 
Does anyone have any good recommendations for lighter weight wools for the warmer (hotter) weather of Texas? Looking for some lightweight worsteds in standard grays, navys and brown hues. Anyone with any experience?    Thanks! 
@ccallis Ahhhh, alright. Thanks, Chris. When that is added, I'll be able to order shirts exclusively from Proper Cloth. I like my collars unfused, but the Roma Cutaway is a bit extreme for me as a go-to (although I like it on special occasion). 
@ccallis and, do you think there will be a stiff, unfused Roma Spread in the future? I think that would be a great addition.  Thanks! 
@ccallis also, what placket and cuffs would you recommend with the stiff, unfused collars?  Thanks! 
@ccallis Just a suggestion, but I'd love to see the Roma Spread done in the stiff, unfused manner like you have done with the Roma Cutaway and President Spread. Any chance that could happen in the future? 
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