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So, would quarter lined be butterfly in back, front lining and sleeves? Half-lining would be front, half of back and sleeves? And, unlined would only be sleeves?
Could someone please explain the difference in half-lined, quarter-lined and completely unlined jackets? Do all still have canvas chest piece? Do all still have lined sleeves? I know Patrick Johnson does some with no canvas and only a light lining in the front shoulder, but this may be unique to him. I'm considering ordering a linen sport coat from Luxire, and I'd like to understand which is which.    Thanks!
Keep us updated on how it turns out! I'm interested in doing the same, but I want to hear/see a few testimonials first.
Did you use the same hip measurements as you would if they were flat front? I noticed Luxire recommends measuring with pleats closed anyway.
Did you use the same hip measurements for your pleated trousers as you would for a flat front? I noticed Luxire recommends to measure with the pleats close anyway.   Thanks
I am considering sending a jacket of mine to be "cloned" in a linen or cotton for spring/summer. What is everyone's experience with this process? Does the replication come out pretty identical? I'd love to hear some feedback/see any pictures anyone might have.     Thanks!
Sid Mashburn pink silk tie Shortened by my tailor to 57"
In addition to that, women shop for men in Dallas a great deal more than men shop for themselves. Accessories (ties, socks, pocket squares, etc) are easy for a woman to buy as a gift or just as an everyday item without the man being present to try-on. 
My apologies, I was referring to those that wear higher-end footwear...not a majority of all men. They choose Alden because it is the most classic, high-end shoe offered here. Dallas has an incredible wealth of disposable income, and many men, who may not have the appreciation for a well-cut suit or the like, still appreciate well-made footwear for business. 
Contrary to popular belief, men in Texas don't ride on horses and wear cowboy boots all the time... 
New Posts  All Forums: