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Hey all, trying to get a little advice on Blucher sizing. I currently have an 10.5C and 11C that I ordered. The 11C fits nearly perfect out of the box, but I think they may be little big with significant stretching. The 10.5C is pretty snug, toes almost to the end, but not extremely uncomfortable.    Should I go with the 10.5C? I've been told by a few people that they stretch quite a bit. They are Brown Chromexcel leather.    Thanks! 
I am in the same boat. Want to order a few, but I'd like to see what the updates do to the collars first.  @ccallis? 
Hoping to track down an Arcteryx Veilance Actuator in a medium or large. I am 6 ft, 175 lbs with a 39.5 inch chest. Anyone with any sizing advice?    Would love to buy one off someone! 
How do you take the thigh measurement, @gdl203? Also, what is the leg thigh and leg for 48 or 50? Thanks! Could you include thigh on the measurement charts in the future?
Just think the cuffs should match the collar. May have been a bit dramatic to say that's the ONE thing keeping me from doing that. 
Thanks of all the info... @gdl203 are the collars and cuffs on the G. Inglese shirts fused or unfused? 
I would say the one thing keeping me form replacing a majority of my shirts is the inability to do a stiff, unfused cuff to go with the stuff unfused collars. 
What is the general sizing guidance for the NMWA Eidos cut vs. Formosa cut? Do people generally wear the same size in both?    Thanks so much! 
Does anyone have any experience with the Proper Cloth polo shirts? I am interested in snagging one, and I want to know if sizing up is the correct way to go. How's the quality of the fabric?    Maybe @ccallis can weigh in on this?    Thanks, guys. 
Would you say that is for mid size like a 50? 
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